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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a New Login

To start using our Internet ordering system right away, you need to create a new customer login. Once you have finished filling out your profile information, you can begin creating your own personal shopping list or place an order right away.

You can register directly with IMPCO Inc.. Call Customer Service at 800-826-9620 . If you are already a customer, call us about setting up your custom pricing and contracts online. If you don�t currently have an account with us, please feel free to call us during regular business hours so that we can set you up with additional online discounts and savings.

Your Privacy Counts

We fully comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines for consumer privacy and will only use your personal information for in-house processing.

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Free Delivery.

FAQ Topic 2

Do you accept Credit Cards? Yes Visa Mastercard & Discover and with an approved account open terms

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